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NCTM Math Standards


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List of Materials Needed for Group Activity

Accommodation Suggestions

For students with visual disabilities, try printing out and enlarging the on-screen map. Then provide tactile means for the students to orient themselves to the map, such as gluing down pipe cleaners to indicate the length between cities and using pushpins to indicate the location of cities. For students that read Braille, you may wish to provide Braille labels for the cities.

Suggestions for Additional Math Practice

Have students plot a course from their classroom to the opposite side of the building, stopping in front of at least two other classrooms. Then have them travel their plotted course, counting how many footsteps or wheel rotations it takes them to get to their destination. Plot the results and see who took the shortest and longest routes. Estimate how many footsteps or wheel rotations it would take them to travel between the classroom and the opposite side if there were no obstacles (walls, etc.).

Suggestions for Additional Activities

Invite a local navigator to come to the classroom and explain how s/he determines flight plans.

We encourage teachers to send us examples of additional problems or activities that they have found useful; we will then post these on this page. E-mail us with your suggestions at planemath@infouse.com.

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