Kite Plans

You've learned tons about kites and kite building. Now's your chance to build and fly your own kite. Try out some of these plans, or create a kite of your own design.

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20 Kids * 20 Kites * 20 Minutes -- Try this quick classroom kite-making activity.

Basic Paper Bag Kite -- Build a kite out of a paper bag? Yeah!! And it really works!

Plastic Bag Sled Kite -- Recycle a plastic grocery bag with this easy-to-build kite!

Buck Childers' Pocket Sled Kite -- Another sled kite -- this one with air pockets instead of poles.

The Sugar Glider Kite from Australia -- Two Australian kids designed this kite based on a mammal that glides.

Dove Peace Kite -- This is a GIF file for making a paper kite shaped like a dove.

Anthony's Kite Workshop -- Anthony teaches you a lot about kites and provides many different plans and links to other sites.

More Kite Plans on the Internet -- These kite plans range from simple to very, very complex kites. Many include discussion areas where kite builders share their ideas.

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