Kite Sites

Kites that really fly. Kites that are a thousand years old. Kites from around the world. Kites that also are beautiful art. And more... Are you interested in learning more about kites? Try these sites to learn about kite culture and history, kite festivals, and more.

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Kite Flier's Site - Tons of links to other kite sites. Learn more about kites festivals and where they are held under the Festival Links.

Jason's Kite Site - Jason gives you several thumbnails of kite photos you can click on to see more. Single, double, and multi-line kites. Jason will even teach you how to do Kite Buggying--bet you never thought you could do this with a kite!

Anthony's Kite Workshop - A virtual room full of kite designs and plans. Contains excellent pictures and descriptions in a Dungeons & Dragons format. Be sure to check out the Basic Paper Bag Kite and the Plastic Bag Sled Kite. There's also a Dove Peace Kite shaped like a dove.

Dancing Frog Productions Kite Page - Beautiful kite designs.

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