Your assignment is to rewrite history by helping Amelia Earhart get to Howland Island in the South Pacific. You'll have to calculate the true heading from the true course and the drift angle.

In Explore Mode: You can change the wind speed, wind direction, and the true course as well as the true heading during Pre-Flight Planning. This let's you see what might happen in different situations.
In Challenge Mode: You can only set the true heading in Pre-Flight planning. If your calculations are wrong, you can adjust the true heading using the In-Flight Correction.

To use the keyboard instead of the mouse to play the game:
   * Spacebar will move the yellow indicator to another button.
   * Up or Down Arrow keys will move the green arrows for the altimeter
   * The Return or Enter key selects a button.

If you have trouble with the "Back to Cabin" button, simply close this window to return to Pioneer Plane (Ctrl-W or Cmd-W).