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Here are some more exercises you can try if you have a printer. Just go to the Menu bar and you will find a "Print" choice. Click "Print" and some definitions, grids, and lessons will be printed out for you to work with. Good luck!

Use these definitions along with the grids to determine the cloud cover of the skies below.

Clear (CLR) means the Sky has no clouds or clouds cover less than 1/10 of the sky.

Scattered (SCT) means an average of 1/10 to 5/10 or one half of the sky is covered with clouds.

Broken (BKN) means that 5/10 to 9/10 of the sky is covered with clouds.

Overcast (OVC) means more than 9/10 of the sky is covered with clouds.

What is the cloud cover of these skies shown below?

Cloudy sky A
Cloudy Sky A

Cloudy sky B
Cloudy Sky B

Cloudy sky C
Cloudy Sky C

Cloudy sky D
Cloudy Sky D

Cut out these grids and use them to estimate the cloud cover for the skies shown above.

grid A
Grid 1

grid B
Grid 2

Can you make your own grid that will also work?

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