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Lesson Overview

The famous rap group "Flight Boyz" has just completed a sellout concert in Hyde Park in London, England. Now the tour is heading to Los Angeles California to hold their first MTV concert in the Hollywood Bowl. In the role of Air Traffic Controller, the students are responsible for the safety of planes in the skies as well as landing and takeoff. In this activity the students learn how to convert 24 hour time to 12 hour time, and put planes in correct order for both takeoff and landing.

Time Allotment

45 minutes

NCTM Process Standards

NCTM Content Standards

Aeronautics Content


Prerequisite Skills

Telling time, 3 and 4 digit subtraction, sequencing numbers



Pencil, paper, calculator, MathPad by IntelliTools

Class Organization Guidelines

Collaborative groups help with classroom and student management and assist student learning. Optimally, in computer lab settings 2-4 students at on computer support each other and learn effectively. Large group class combinations of students can be organized with 4 students to a computer with each student taking a role: Reader, Navigator, Reporter, Captain.

For example, the Reader reads what is on the screen to the group. The Navigator maneuvers the mouse. The Reporter reports back to class. The Captain keeps track of time and monitors group interaction. Three-student and two-student groups can be assigned a combination of these roles. For instance, Reader and Navigator roles can be assigned to one student while the other student can be the Reporter and Captain.

Teacher Tips

PlaneMath provides a means to accommodate students with physical and learning disabilities as well as to enhance math learning for all students. Thoughtful planning and management strategies are effective methods to accomplish these goals. Grouping, functional roles, access to well-designed lessons, learning styles along with student interactions are considerations for management of students. For more information for students with disabilities, contact the Alliance for Technology Access. For additional information go to the main Teacher's Page for PlaneMath.

Additional Activities

  1. Find information about airlines and their codes
  2. Visit control tower at local airport
  3. Gather information about specific airports online

We encourage teachers to send us examples of additional problems or activities that they have found useful; we will then post these on this page. E-mail us with your suggestions at planemath@infouse.com.

Online Resources

There are many helpful on-line resources listed on our Aeronautics Links page, under the Airports and Airlines heading. Here are some websites that are directly applicable to Time Flies:

LANDINGS: Airline information - Use this site to search for information on airlines.

NavAir - Information on airports and navigation.

QUICKAID: airport codes


How Things Work--Flight. Alexandria, VA: Time-Life Publishing, 1990

March, Carol. Choosing An Airline Career. Denver: Capri Publishing Company, 1992


Adventures in Flight CD-ROM - Addison Wesley

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