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10. Thanks to Our Sponsors

Click here to go to NASA's Learning Technologies Project (LTP)

PlaneMath is funded through a cooperative agreement with the National Aeronautics and Space Adminstration's Learning Technologies Project (NASA-LTP), which promotes public access to scientific databases, new applications using science data, and curriculum products and tools for K-12 education -- all via the Internet.

Hardware/Software Donations

The following companies have donated hardware or software to help us carry out the goals of PlaneMath:

Click here to go to Progressive Networks

Progressive Networks has kindly donated a copy of their RealAudio Server to PlaneMath. We will use this to investigate appropriate ways to add sound effects to PlaneMath in the future.

Click here to go to Netscape Corporation

Netscape Corporation has pledged 1000 copies of Netscape Navigator and Communicator to school sites for PlaneMath.

Click here to go to PlaneMath Prizes for Registered Teachers

A large number of hardware and software prizes have been donated by their manufacturers and/or distributors to PlaneMath. We would like to thank these companies for allowing us to distribute these prizes to PlaneMath registered teachers. Please click here to see the PlaneMath Prize List for a complete list of products and companies. Some of our larger donators and their donations are:

Services Donations

The following companies and organizations have donated important services that have helped PlaneMath greatly:

Click here to go to California Polytechnic University, Pomona

This site is hosted on a server at California Polytechnic University, Pomona. We appreciate their help in setting this up for us and helping us maintain it.

Click here to go to Alliance for Technology Access (ATA)

Alliance for Technology Access (ATA) sites throughout the country have donated staff time to help schools access PlaneMath. In particular, the Center for Accessible Technology (C for AT) in Berkeley, CA, has been extremely helpful in donating their staff time and resources to this project. Click here to go to the Center for Accessible Technology (C for AT) website.

Click here to go to DNAI

DNAI has donated ISP services to PlaneMath, allowing us to access the Internet.

Click here to go to Kinko's, or Click here to go to Sprint

Thanks to a generous donation from Kinko's and Sprint, InfoUse will be able to conduct free PlaneMath teacher training seminars at Kinko's videoconference sites throughout the United States. For more information on participating in our teacher training seminars, please click here to register your class on our teacher registration form.

Publicity and Exposure

Click here to go to MacWorld, who is donating a booth to PlaneMath and the Center for Accessible Technology (CforAT) at their MacWorld Expo/San Francisco 1998. Click here to visit the MacWorld Expo/San Francisco 1998 home page.

Click here to go to Closing the Gap, an organization specializing in innovative applications of computer technology in special education and rehabilitation, has donated staff time for an article on PlaneMath in their magazine.

Click here to go to Classroom Connect, who has published and distributed a copy of our site on their Educator Internet CD-ROM, Vol. 1, No. 4.

Click here to go to, who has helped to publicize PlaneMath in over 150 newspapers nationwide.

Click here to go to the Children's Interactive Expo, who has donated booths to PlaneMath for 2 years in a row.

Image/Content Donations

Aerial Photography

We would like to thank the following aerial photographers for donating their images for use in various PlaneMath activities:

Richard Eller, a Bay Area photographer, and his company, Aerial Images Photography, provided the cityscape used in the "Bird's Eye View" activity. Click here to go to Richard Eller's webpage.

The following photographers' images are featured in our Jimmy Doolittle altimeter activity:

The aerial images of Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and Niagara Falls, are courtesy of Lee Marshall, a New York-based photographer. Click here to go to Lee Marshall's website.

The aerial images of Alaska landmarks Mt. Veniaminof, Mt. Pavlof, Mt. McKinley, and Ptarmigan Lake are courtesy of AeroMap U.S., International Photogrammetric Consultants. Click here to go to the AeroMap U.S. website.

The two aerial images of Wrigley Field are courtesy of Allan Goldstein and his Chicago-based company, Aerial Images Photography Co. Click here to go to the Aerial Images Photography Co. website.

The satellite images of San Francscio and North America are courtesy of Spaceshots, Inc., 33950 Barnby Road, Acton, CA 93510. Click here to go to the Spaceshots, Inc., website

The aerial images of Pierce Creek in North Carolina and New bridge construction are courtesy of B. Edward Bean at Computer Printer Solutions, Inc. (CPSI), publishers of the Pamlico-NC web site. Click here to go to the Pamlico-NC website.

The aerial images of Miami River and Pompano Beach are courtesy of Ross Cobb and his South Florida based company, Aerials, Inc. Click here to go to the Aerials, Inc., website.

The aerial image of Dryden Flight Research Center and the image of the Mars Sojourner vehicle are courtesy of NASA's Image Exchange. Click here to go to NASA's Image Exchange.

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