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Header: PlaneMath

3. NCTM Math Standards

One of the first content questions addressed in the development of PlaneMath was how to define or delimit the proposed program. In a review of candidate proposals from publishers for state math adoption in California, mathematics was presented in a range of ways, from a complete curriculum to one or two selected areas of emphasis, intended to augment existing published or adapted curricula.

In order to provide the maximum flexibility for teachers and classrooms, we decided that our program should provide materials that augment mathematics curricula.

Header: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Standards

The following are the NCTM standards for 4th grade mathematics content, all of which are included in one or more PlaneMath lessons:

Standard 1: Mathematics as Problem Solving

Standard 2: Mathematics as Communication

Standard 3: Mathematics as Reasoning

Standard 4: Mathematical Connections

Standard 5: Estimation

Standard 6: Number sense and Numeration

Standard 7: Concepts of Whole Number Operations

Standard 8: Whole Number Computation

Standard 9: Geometry and Spatial Sense

Standard 10: Measurement

Standard 11: Statistics and Probability

Standard 12: Fractions and Decimals

Standard 13: Patterns and Relationships

The Parent/Teacher page for each lesson indicates which standards are addressed in that lesson. In addition, we have developed a chart that shows the math standards and aeronautics topics covered in each activity. Click here to view this chart.

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