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5. Structure of the PlaneMath site

The program structure may be represented by the following outline:

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This page has a link directly into the program and a link that allows teachers to become registered users of the program.

Click here for Home Page

This page provides links to all other pages in the PlaneMath Web site. These other pages fall into four categories:

I. Click here for Activities

We have three groups of activities, each geared towards a different grade level:

A. Click here for Applying Flying (4th grade level)

These activities apply one more more mathematics to a situation in aeronautics or aviation. There are 9 activities in Applying Flying:

1. Click here for Flight Path
2. Click here for Plane Capacity
3. Click here for Runways and Takeoffs
4. Click here for Bird's Eye View
5. Click here for Time Flies (Graphics Version only)
6. Click here for Lift-Off (Graphics Version only)
7. Click here for Go Fly a Kite (Graphics Version only)
8.Click here for Pie in the Sky (Graphics Version only)
9. Click here for Fill 'Er Up (Graphics Version only)

Each activity in Applying Flying has four parts:

a) The lesson itself, which provides a set of problems teaching or reinforcing one or more of the above-listed NCTM standards.

b) A Group Activity Page, which provides a detailed suggestion for an in-class activity that reinforces the material from the lesson.

c) A Career Page, which features an interview with a disabled person who is in the aeronautics industry and can serve as a role model.

d) A Teacher/Parent Page, which lists the math topics for the lesson, a statement of lesson objectives, a list of materials needed for the Group Activity, suggestions of problems for additional practice, and suggestions or additional activities.

B. Click here for Pioneer Plane (5th grade level)

These activities focus on great figures in aviation history and use math to illustrate an aviation concept related to these figures. Pioneer Plane is extremely interactive and relies on Macromedia's Shockwave plug-in to deliver its multimedia content over the Internet. There are two main activity topics in Pioneer Plane:

1. Amelia Earhart

a) Click here for "Gone With the Winds." Students will hear Amelia explain how she got into aviation and then give her version of what happened to her on her last flight around the world.

b) Click here for Drift Angle, an activity which allows students to experiment with drift angles and headings on a radar screen by taking the role of Amelia's pre-flight navigator. Students can adjust the wind speeds, wind direction, true course and true heading of Amelia's flight and watch what happens to Amelia's plane. (Note: Graphics Version only)

2. Jimmy Doolittle

a) Click here for "Mission Possible." Students will hear Jimmy explain how he came about inventing the instruments that modern aircraft use to nagivate.

b) Click here for Altimeter, an activity which allows students to pilot a helicopter. Their mission is to navigate this helicopter to various locations to take aerial pictures, by setting their altimeter to the altitude of the locations. (Note: Graphics Version only)

C. PlaneMath Enterprises (6-7th grade level)

These activities, which are still in development, will feature a virtual airplane design company, PlaneMath Enterprises. Students will travel to each department in this company to receive training on how to build the various parts of a plane. The culminating activity will be a design project where students must develop a plane that meets a customer's specifications.

Look for these activities to come out sometime in March 1998.

II. Click here for Help Getting Started

A list of frequently asked questions, covering the maximal settings for making browsers accessible, possible browser error messages, using adaptive technologies, etc.

III. Click here for Links

Links to sites for organizations that are participants in the PlaneMath initiative or that provide information that is particularly relevant to the project. There are 3 categories of links:

A. Click here for Technology and Disability

B. Click here for Aeronautics

C. Click here for Mathematics

IV. Click here for the Teacher/Parent Page

An overview of the PlaneMath site, with information on mathematcs standards and aeronautical content covered, as well as the goals of the site and contact information for InfoUse. The contents of the Teacher/Parent pages are as follows:

A. Click here for Overview of Program

B. Click here for Goals of Program

C. Click here for NCTM Math Standards

D. Click here for Matrix of Math Standards and Aeronautics Topics Covered in PlaneMath Activities

E. Click here for Structure of the PlaneMath Site

F. Click here for Making PlaneMath Accessible

G. Click here for InfoUse Contact Information

H. Click here for Resource List

I. Click here for Prize List for Registered Teachers

J. Click here for Thanks to Our Sponsors

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